YQ Help & Faqs

arrow-right Why should I use YQNG?

Take the hassle and inconvenience out of your trip by gaining access to the VIP world of fast track, meet & assist services with YQNG. At over 500 worldwide airports YQNG can offer you a bespoke and personal in-airport service, beating queues, avoiding inconvenience and being treated as a VIP passenger. YQNG also offers sensible prices and convenient booking tool, so if you are travelling as a family or business group, YQNG's VIP services are surprisingly very affordable. YQNG makes getting in and out of airports a pleasure and not a pain.

arrow-right Where can I book with YQNG?

YQNG offers arrival, departure and transit services at over 500 international airports. To check whether YQNG offers a service simply search for your country and desired airport in YQNG Foot Print page.

arrow-right How does YQNG reduce hassle and speed-up getting through airports?

YQNG has a network of airside licensed service partners around the world and we only work with legitimate established companies. Our local service delivery teams carry special permissions from local airport authorities to deliver VIP Meet and Assist services. The airport agents will be able to assist you as much as allowed by the local regulations from the government and airport authorities. At most of the airports the local service delivery teams will be able to deliver Fast Track services and at other airports where explicit Fast Track is not allowed by the airport authorities, there are many different ways the local team will still be able to assist you and expedite the experience.

The local service delivery teams who will be providing you the services on the ground are very well trained and are very much aware of the local airport, they will be not only guiding you through the airport but they also have special access to certain routes which are prohibited for normal passengers to reduce your time and hassle. They can also help you with the local language as all of them not only speak the local language but are very much proficient in English language. They are also allowed to use various different lanes in the immigration halls which normally are restricted for general passengers.

Kindly note that the overall Meet and Assist service can vary at different airports but most importantly the logistics of the services can change however the basic principle of the service never change which is to assist the passengers as much as possible staying within the legal boundaries.

YQNG will be providing you with the service descriptions which will give you a complete insight to the details and logistics of the service at your desired location. Those service descriptions can also be found on the Products page .

arrow-right What does it cost to book YQNG and how do I pay?

Prices start from as little as US $100 for a single traveller and vary by destination. When you click “Book Now” to book your VIP Meet & Assist service and select an airport and the number of passengers in your party, the cost and the price will be displayed. You can select £, US $ or € and prices will be shown accordingly. When you proceed to book, you will be asked to pay online via a secure network connection using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express and the currency that you have chosen will be used for the transaction.

arrow-right How do I book YQNG?

To booking just follow the following simple steps:

  • 11 Select your airport
  • 11 Enter your flight details
  • 11 If departing tell us what time you will arrive at the airport
  • 11 Complete your passenger details
  • 11 Complete your payment details
  • 11 Collect your YQNG confirmation (you will need to keep this for proof of purchase)

Please remember that all bookings must be at least 48 hours in advance of your service time which in case of Arrival service will be your flight arrival time and in case of Departure service will be the time you will be arriving at the airport for your departure flight. In case of a transit service it will be the Arrival time of your arriving flight.    

arrow-right What If I want to make a make a last-minute booking?

The booking tool on the website will not allow to make any bookings within 48 hours of the service time. Kindly note that there is a 50% late booking fee/surcharge for all new bookings made within 48 hours of the service time. You will need to contact YQNG Customer Services Team to make a booking, they are available 24/7 to assist you make last minute bookings. They will require you to confirm booking request in writing.

arrow-right What if I have problems making a booking?

The booking confirmation is instant. Should you experience any problems with any part of your booking please contact us and one of the customer service agents will assist you. Our Customer service agents are available 24 hours a day both on email and on the phone. 

arrow-right How many people can be included on one booking?

YQNG allows you to include additional passengers to a maximum of 5 passengers per meet & assist via online booking portal, however if you have more than 5 passengers in your party or for a group booking please contact us and we will be able to assist you with your requirements. There are no restrictions to maximum number of passengers.

arrow-right Are children allowed access in a meet & assist party?

Absolutely, in fact family groups can get the most out of YQNG’s VIP Meet and Assist services as this will get rid of the hassle and provide you with assurance for comfort and luxury. Kindly note that all children above the age of 2 years will be charged in full.

arrow-right What if my booking needs to be cancelled?

To cancel please provide us with written authorisation via email requesting a cancellation. Our team of Customer Service Agents will be on hand to assist you with your requirements at any time of the day. Please note that:

  • 11 If we receive your cancellation more than 48 hours ahead of the service time there will be a full refund of your fee (time is calculated in local booked airport time)
  • 11 If we receive your cancellation within 48 hours ahead of the service time unfortunately you will be charged 100% cancellation fee and no refunds will be offered.
  • 11 If you do not present yourself to our representative, or decide to decline the service that you have booked, there will be no refund applicable.

arrow-right What if my booking needs to be amended?

If you are already in receipt of your YQNG booking confirmation, please contact us by emailing us your amendment request as soon as you have confirmed your new travel plan. A team of staff will be on hand to assist you with your requirements at any time of the day. Please note that:

  • 11If we receive your change request more than 48 hours ahead of the service time there will be no additional fee payable
  • 11If we receive your amendment within 48 - 24 hours there will be an amendment surcharge that equates to 50% of your original fee.
  • 11Kindly note that YQNG cannot guarantee any amendments within 24 hours of the service time and the amendment surcharge amount will be minimum 50% of the total cost of the original booking however may increase under certain circumstances. Our Customer services team will inform you accordingly at the time of amendment.
  • 11Kindly note that there are certain changes to the booking which cannot be treated as Amendments such as change of service date or change of service time within 48 hours or change of location, in such cases we will have to cancel your existing booking and create a new booking. Please note that all surcharges either it is cancellation or late booking surcharge will be applicable regardless of the reason to amend the booking.

arrow-right Is a porter or an in-terminal passenger buggy service included in the Meet and Assist service?

No Additional services are included in the Meet and Assist service, Airport porters can be added to your booking as an additional product and will be charged. Electric Buggy is also not a part of Meet and Assist service and is also not available at all airports or at all gates within the relevant airport due to Health and Safety reasons. Airport authorities dictate those regulations and YQNG or its agents cannot override those regulations. If Electric Buggy can be booked then it is an additional cost. Kindly also note that if at any particular occasion at any location globally you have been offered any additional service and have not been charged on that occasion, it will not mean that you will receive those service complimentary on your next booking.

arrow-right What happens if I forget or lose my YQNG booking confirmation?

You need your YQNG booking confirmation in order that our representative can confirm your identity. Under our terms and conditions our representative may refuse service to any passenger who is not in possession of a valid YQNG booking confirmation. In the event that you lose your confirmation please contact YQNG Customer services team and we will be able to assist you so you can avail your services in a seamless manner.

arrow-right Where will my Airport Agent meet me?

  • This depends whether you are arriving or departing from the airport.

    Arrivals (Airside)
    For arrivals our representative will be waiting for you at the end of the air-bridge or – if the airline has provided a bus from the plane to the terminal – at the entrance to the terminal where the bus drops off its passengers. Our representative will be holding a sign with your name or organisation (or any other identification that you prefer and have told about in advance). The Airport Agent will be in place 15 minutes before the service time with the Lead Passenger’s Name Sign, kindly note it is the Lead Passenger’s responsibility to identify their name sign and approach the Airport Agent. In case the Passenger is not able to locate the Airport Agent, the Passenger must contact YQNG Customer services team on the contact details provided in the booking confirmation. Failure to contact YQNG Customer services team, in case the Passenger cannot locate the Airport Agent, will result as 'Passenger No Show' and no refund will be offered. 


    Arrivals (Landside) 

    For Landside Arrivals, our representative will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall after you have cleared immigration and customs.


    For departures our representative will be waiting for you at “kerbside” (meaning at the drop-off zone at the departure terminal level) or at an agreed meeting point which will be communicated to you either by YQNG or local service delivery team. The representative will be there 15 minutes before your scheduled arrival time and will wait for you. If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of the service time, they will try to call you or your driver (Kindly do provide correct details with your booking.) If you know that you are going to be a little early or late (e.g. because of traffic) we ask you or your driver to contact the representative so they can adjust the service time, however kindly note that they may not be able to accommodate a significant change of time. If the agent cannot locate you kerbside or get hold of you on the phone they may go to the Check In area for your flight to try and locate you. 

arrow-right How do I contact YQNG?

In your confirmation email you will have received contact details for support centre numbers to call in the event of any issues. Alternatively, please visit the Contact Us page.

arrow-right Do I need to tip the YQNG representative?

No, you do not, and it is not expected by our representative. If the service you get is particularly excellent, and our representative has gone out of their way to help you in some unusual way, and if you wish to thank them with a tip or gratuity you can do so, but this is totally at your discretion.

arrow-right I have another question I want to ask?

If your question is not one of those listed above then please contact us by email or phone using the details on the Contact Us page.

arrow-right What are YQNG's Terms and Conditions?

Please click here to see YQNG’s full Terms and Conditions.